rotative studio (2017) is an architecture office founded by architects Alexandra Sonnemans and Caterina Viguera, based respectively in Rotterdam and Zürich. 

Through the the use of a variety of formats, we aim to expand the notion of architecture, the built environment and public space. At the same time, we reconnect abstract ideas and experimental forms to concrete projects. 

The movement that is referred to in the name of our studio and which is firmly embedded within our architectural practice, refers to this continuous interaction between an exploratory context and site-specific situations.

We work on commission and on self-initiated projects of various scales and uses.

"rotate and change the perspective" 
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Exhibitions and Events

Online exhibition ‘Space in-between’ - London Festival of Architecture 2020

Eight public exhibitions and events as part of the one-year residency at the gallery Kulturfolger, Zürich 2019:: 
‘Rotation means relations’ & Vernisage - February
‘Cut - add- play’ - March   
‘Fragments‘ - April   + invited guest: Pavle Stamenovic (RS)
‘Marking transformation’ - June  + invited guest: Emma Hoette (UK)
‘Continuum’ - July  + invited guest: Ravian van den HIl (NL)
‘Inside outside’ - September 
‘Replicas’ - November  + invited guest: Elettra Carnelli)
‘The sound of transformation’ & Finnisage - December  + invited guests: Ramon Landolt, David Meier (CH)

Event series ‘L’eau a la rencontre de la ville - La Dérivée II’ Yverdon-les-Bains 2018
in collaboration with Margaux Genton, invited artists: Simon Rouiller, Le Collectif Necto, Bazil Felix, Maëlle Gross and Ramon Landolt & Tapiwa Svovse. 


Lecture ‘rotative studio x transformation’ at Summer School Ticino (i2a), Ticino, 2020

Pecha kucha ‘rotative studio’ IDWW 2020, University of Antwerp

Lecture ‘rr-dialogues.org’, Nische, Zürich, 2018

Lecture ‘Waterfronts’, La Derivée, Yverdon-les- Bains, 2017
in collaboration with Myriam Treiber



Visiting critic, Summer School Ticino (i2a), 2020
Visiting critic - Drempelgesprekken July 2020 - RAvB 

Tutoring ‘Intercultural Bench’ - International Design Workshop Week 2020 ‘Commons’ - University of Antwerp


Workshops ‘Urban transformation as event’ & ‘rr-dialogues.org’ - Rotterdam & Zürich 2018 

Workshop ‘Along the Line’ - La Dérivée, Yverdon-les-Bains 2017
in collaboration with Myriam Treiber

Construction Workshop - Pavilion La Dérivée, Yverdon-les-Bains 2017

Round tables

Round table London Festival of Architecture, digital, 2020

Five round tables during residency at Kulturfolger Zürich, physical, 2019

Urban transformation as event, website ‘rr-dialogues’, digital, 2019

Round table ‘Zürich, les cooperatives reinventent le logement social’, La Dérivée, Yverdon-les-Bains 2017, in collaboration with Myriam Treiber, invited speaker Martin Lepoutre



Caterina Viguera (Barcelona, 1986) MSc ETSAB Escola Tècnica Superior d’Arquitectura de Barcelona (2011), MAS Urban Design at the ETH Zürich (2015). Storefront for Art and Architecture, Departament d‘Historia d‘Arquitectura ETSAB, Vito Acconci Studio New York, Ammann Albers Stadtwerke Zürich.
Alexandra Sonnemans (Belgrade, 1986) MSc TU Delft Faculty of Architecture (2011). TENT Rotterdam, VMX Architects, ZUS Rotterdam, Blauwdruk Stedenbouw Antwerp, Stichting Beeldmix, Operator culture radio, International Architecture Biennale Rotterdam.  

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