rotative studio is an architectural
practice founded by Alexandra
Sonnemans and Caterina Viguera
– architects, urban designers,
researchers and educators. 

rotative studio is based in
Rotterdam and Zürich and
was founded in 2017. 


rotative studio continuously interplays design, research and dialogue. 

Characterized by an explorative and proactive approach the studio combines working on commissions with self-initiated projects and is engaged in all stages of a process, from intention/initiative to execution, construction and activation.

Since the beginning rotative studio reflects and reacts on contemporary issues and personal fascinations – such as urban transformation, the relationship between past, present and future and the importance of physical experience and imagination in architecture. Under the heading of ‘rotative research’ the studio explores such selected topics from various perspectives, develops experimental and interdisciplinary approaches to architecture and stimulates a fresh and critical attitude to the role of architects today.

Dialogues play a central role: besides an ongoing dialogue between Alexandra and Caterina, their cities and cultures, projects are extended by engaging emerging and distinct voices from multidisciplinary groups and various contexts. Also the involvement of a wider audience/local communities is encouraged, through a.o. workshops, round tables, performances and events. 

The result is a diverse body of work that ranges from concrete architectural and urban projects, such as buildings, pavilions and refurbishments, to more experimental and interdisciplinary ones, like interventions in public space and the development of new approaches e.g. ‘1:1 on-site explorations’.