The Image of Promises 2017
Simultaneity in Cities 2017
Journey of Materials 2017
Waterfronts 2017
Urban Transformation as Event 2018
Evidence of the Absent 2019
Accidental Aesthetics 2019
Sampling Materiality 2020
Learning from Venice 2022 - ongoing

On-site Explorations – Actions
Imagine the Volume
Cut Add Play
Drawings on-site
Marking Transformation
The Sound of Transformation


Amsterdam, Barcelona, Belgrade, Berlin,  Milano, Maastricht, Noto, Palermo, Rome, Rotterdam, Seoul, Tokyo, Zürich a.o.

Kulturfolger Zürich 2019
Space in-between, London Festival of Architecture 2020
New Generations Festival 2020-2023

One-year residency Kulturfolger Zürich 2019 (self-curated program of 8 public events, 5 round tables and 5 invited guests)

Imagine the Volume, presented at Volumes Zürich 2019
Drawings on-site, presented at Volumes Zürich 2019
rr-dialogues archive 2019
Space in-between 2020