imagine the volume

100 pages
270 x 350 mm
limited edition, binded by Fischlin + Strickler
Zürich 2019

The collection of drawings in this book are part of our research project Evidence of the absent. On the borderline between visible and invisible, the drawings result from an experimental exercise that explores how much we can remove or should add, while always being able to recognise the whole. 

evidence of the absent - dialogues

50 pages
148 x 210 mm

Series of interviews that are part of the research project ‘Evidence of the absent’, developed in residency at Kulturfolger gallery Zürich in 2019. Featuring: Emma Hoette, Pavle Stamenovic, Ravian van den Hil, Elettra Carnelli, Ramon Landolt and David Meier. Plus: interviews by Elettra Carnelli with Eugenia Carnelli, Michele Taborelli and Elif Simge Fettahoglu.

Through dialogues we exchange points of view with artists, curators, theorists (a.o.) with whom we feel affiliated. By engaging them in our research projects, we expanding our notion of architecture, public space and the built (or not-yet built) environment through new approaches, disciplines and perspectives.


drawings on-site

90 pages
210 x 297 mm

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