Teaching at TU Delft Architectural Positions: Delft Lectures on Architectural Design and Research Methods (Msc1)

Chair of Methods of Analysis and Imagination

House in Lefkada, Greece
Private Comission

Strito Studios
We are developing four multifunctional small-scale studios that can be assembled into one house.
They function as a platform for new natural construction materials.
To be exhibited at Dutch Design Week 2021.

New Generations Festival - New Urban Challenges
Our exhibition documentation ‘space in-between’ has been selected for the travelling public exhibition of the New Generations Festival, now open to the public at the Royal Spanish Academy in Rome.

House WG, Amsterdam
Interior transformation and extension
Private Commission


Three temporary pavilions, Place du Marché Aigle, Switzerland Installation on-site of the pavilions has been finished on the 15th of May! On the 1st of June they were inaugurated by the Mayer of Aigle and the Municipality (Department for Urbanism), accompanied by a live concert!

Album artwork for Ramon Landolt and David Meier’s new album “Territory; a sonic depiction of urban transformation”
We have finished the album cover (artwork) for the new album Territory by Swiss musicians Ramon Landolt and David Meier. The music deals with different rooms, urban environment and the fast-paced development of our cities. Two pieces have emerged out of their collaboration in our projects ‘Urban transformation as event’ and ‘Evidence of the absent’.

St. Pere Mitjà, Barcelona
The transformation of the interior -two floors- and facade is finished! Now the space is ready to be used. Pictures will be published soon.

New Generations
Our publication ‘Space in-between’ has been included on the New Generations website book section!

International Design Workshop Week, Faculty of Design Sciences Antwerp
We will be tutoring a workshop at the International Design Workshop week of the UA again! This year’s workshop is a sequel to the edition of 2020. In the workshop we will further explore our method of drawing on-site and focus on the ground floor space of one of the Langblokken - approx. 200 meters of ambiguous space. What actually defines a place? Its size, its border, its function?

Read more about our workshop ‘New Constellations’ and all the other workshops here!


Feasability Study and Design House LS, Eben-Emael (Belgium)
December - Just submitted the plans to build a one family house and sustanability at the core of the design.

ARC20 Young Talent Award - de Architect
So happy to be one of the five nominees for the ARC20 Young Talent Award!

Click here to read the article about us in the online edition of Dutch architecture magazine de Architect.

Feasability Study and Design Textile Factory, Balgach (Switzerland)
September - Just submitted the strategy and plans to transform the beautiful space of the historical factory.

Summer School Ticino
Guest lecturer and visiting ciritc at the 5th Summer School Ticino. We gave a lecture about our projects that are related to the topic of the workshop: transformation.

La Dérivée Festival, Yverdon-les-Bains
Amazing to see that the wooden, modular pavilion we designed for cultural summer festival La Dérivée in Yverdon-les-Bains (2017, built with 50 local volunteers during a construction workshop), is being built for the fourth year in a row with the same materials!

London Festival of Architecture
We have been selected to create an online exhibition and round table session for this year’s digital edition of the London Festival of Architecture. The exhibition will be online for 48h from the 19th of June. The round table will take place on the 19th, at 17h (CEST). We hope to welcome you all online!

International Design Workshop Week, Faculty of Design Sciences Antwerp
We will be tutoring an interdisciplinary workshop on the topic of ‘Commons’ at the International Design Workshop week of the UA, 10 - 14 February. Read more about our workshop ‘Intercultural bench - the public bench as a common’ and all the other workshops here!

Volumes Publishing Days Zürich
Our publication ‘Imagine the volume’ will be presented at Volumes Publishing Days in the Kunsthalle Zürich!

One-year residency Zürich
Kulturfolger gallery Zürich invited us to expand our research project ‘Evidence of the absent’ in a one-year residency! Through eight events - in parallel to Kulturfolger’s yearly programme - that combined exhibitions, round table sessions and performances by invited guests, we presented the development of our project to a curious and engaged audience.

Read more on www.kulturfolger.ch and Hochparterre.

Unfair Architect Award Longlist
Honoured to be selected for the Unfair Architect Award Longlist! 

TANDOOR16 | TD16 Rotterdam
Opening of the restaurant, refurbishment interior two floors and facade. In 2021 the owners introduced a new food concept with a new name: Cafe Marseille!


Urban transformation as event: rr-dialogues.org 2018 - Online research project with 30 invited contributors from different disciplines and cities. Series of workshops in Rotterdam and Zürich.

Setmana d’Arquitectura Barcelona
Happy that our site-specific installation ‘Visually walking towards’ for the former prison La model in Barcelona is selected by Fundació Mies van der Rohe, for the Setmana d'Arquitectura 2018.

Nische Zürich
Lecture about our research project ‘Urban transformation as event’ and www.rr-dialogues.org at /Nische/ Zürich


De Aanschouw Rotterdam
Our site-specific installation ‘Choreography of perspectives’ in the smallest gallery of Rotterdam, De Aanschouw, opens on the 7th of December!
La Dérivée Festival, Yverdon-les-Bains