Along the line

or “How to experience a line that is no longer visible?”

Field study along the former shoreline of the Neuchâtel lake. Between this line and the lake we find the new waterfront territory, an unintended result of the Jura water corrections 150 years ago. Many rivers have been corrected in Switzerland, to limit the risk of flooding and to add new vast areas of valuable agricultural land.

Because of the water correction, the water height of the lake decreased with 2,70m and the shoreline with 400m from the city center of Yverdon, affecting the historical relationhip between the city and the lake. This ‘gained’ waterfront territory, in fact a place of high potential, remains a no-man’s land, with various heterogeneous realities; industries, residences, asphalt paths, green fields, walls and unspoken buildings, blocking the routes from the city center to the lake.

Along the line Workshop 
29 June - 1 July 2017

On-site workshop researching the new waterfront territory through photography, drawing, video and sound.

During La Dérivée festival I we organised a workshop on this topic. We started the workshop with a lecture presenting the area and similar examples from other cities in Europe, where various attempts have been made to restore the relationship between city and water. We introduced different mapping techniques and invited the participants to walk along the former, invisible shoreline, to identify specific elements, interruptions, dualities, uses, traces and connections, using the format of their choice to document their findings. As a result the participants shared their ideas about this conflictive area and proposed creative solutions.