Act I and II, two briefs we wrote about the topic


‘Urban transformation as event’ is the third edition of our self-initiated research project on urban transformation.

Which life-size representation, publication and simulation methods of new developments/buildings can we find on-site within European cities? How do they temporarily shape our cities? What do they want to tell us, and what do they tell us unintentionally? Can we, when they are already placed on-site, in the real-size, imagine how the new developments are going to take presence in the future? How will these new developments impact the existing context?

‘rotative research dialogues’ -

We invited over thirty people from different artistic, architectural and theoretical disciplines and different cities to engage with our research on urban transformation. We wrote two briefs (’Act I and II’)  and asked everybody to react both visually and textually. 

As a result of their contributions to our brief, we established various dialogues, e.g. duos and collectives of corresponding or contradicting approaches. We created an online platform that allowed us to show all the different contributions simultaneously and non-hierarchically: the circle as a (digital) round table with all the contributions around. 

Through an interactive interface we could relate the contributions in different ways: in duos and in groups. The contributors were therefore also connected in different ways, through their contributions, with their particular perspective and approach. We communicated through email, video calls and physical workshops.

Delany Boutkan
Ana Buljan
Elettra Carnelli
Jazmin Charalambous
Oskar van Eeden
Carla Ferrer + Marco Jacomella / ITER
Frank Hanswijk
Henrik Hentschel
Ravian van den Hil
Rosa Maria de los Heros + Manuel Julià
Emma Hoette
Michiel Huijben
Ramon Landolt
Eulàlia Martin
Anne Mikoleit
Maite Moreno

Piet Nieder
Stich & Oswald + Dominique Jehle
Ioanna Piniara
Hannes Rutenfranz
Anna Sala Giralt
Pavle Stamenovic
Josh Stevenson
Maro Tsagka
Jorn de Vries

Invited moderators
Pavle Stamenovic
Hannes Rutenfranz

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01 - The image of promises 2017
02 - Simultaneity in cities 2017
03 - Urban transformation as event 2018
04 - Materialisation of intentions - Evidence of the absent 2019

05 - Space in-between 2020

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