Three Pavilions

Three Pavilions
Observatory, Theatre and Library
For the municipality of Aigle we have designed three temporary pavilions on the town’s central square, the Place du Marché.

This square will undergo a transformation during the next years, to become more green, pedestrian friendly and prominent for the city. 
The pavilions perform as the first gesture that embody the municipality’s ambitions to really understand this central square as a place for encounter, a place for the residents. Therefore we proposed a combination of functions: a public library, an observatory and a small theatre.

The pavilions are small stations that are accessible from all sides. They are formed and positioned in relation to each other and in relation to the square and it’s future transformation. The position of the pavilions divides the square in different parts which represent the stages for the construction works. This division enables the use of at least two parts of the square during the long transformation process.

Designed as a modular system, the pavilions are prepared in the atelier of the local maker and transported and assembled on-site. 

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Commune d’Aigle, department d’urbanisme,
mobilité et paysage

Aigle, Switzerland


rotative studio

Alexandra Sonnemans, Caterina Viguera

Guarnaccia Constructions

Construction advice, calculations
Estk Estudio

rotative studio
Antoine Allaz