Strito Studios

Strito Studios
Strito studios is the concept and design of four multifunctional small-scale studios that can be used independently (for working, leisure and residing), and that moreover can be assembled into one house. The concept that four studios can form one house together has been created by rotative studio, as a unique interpretation based on the program requirements given by the client. 

Furthermore, the studios function as a platform for new natural construction materials. Sustainability is at the core of the design; natural, bio-based, cradle to cradle and new (experimental) construction materials are combined in the studios, such as bamboo and hemp. 
Using such materials in the small studios should be a step up towards larger scale constructions for the materials. The application of bamboo for the load-bearing structure will be researched together with the TU Eindhoven in the upcoming two years. 
Strito dev.

rotative studio


Housing, office, leisure

Prototype built 2021

Prototype construction team
M. Steenbergen, G. Buijten,  C. Versluis