Space in-between

Space in-between

‘What role can architecture play mediating between present and future and what is the potential of this space ‘in-between’?’

Space in-between was an online exhibition for the London Festival of Architecture 2020. During the festival we also organised one round table session.

The exhibition documentation has been selected for the New Generations Festival 2020 ‘New Urban Challenges’, a three year travelling exhibition, and included in the New Generations’ Book Section. 

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Space in-between is part of

Reflections & reactions on urban transformation

Self-initiated research on the suggestion of space, architectural representation on-site, the scale 1:1 and the role of physical experience and imagination in architecture.


Amsterdam, Barcelona, Belgrade, Berlin,  Milano, Maastricht, Noto, Palermo, Rome, Rotterdam, Seoul, Tokyo, Zürich (and more...)

Imagine the Volume, presented at Volumes Zürich (2019)
Space in-between, graphic design by Studio Nomad (2020)

One-year residency Kulturfolger Zürich 2019

Kulturfolger Zürich (2019)
London Festival of Architecture (2020)
New Generations Festival 2020-(2023)

Belgrade Waterfront 360° (on-site 2017)
Simultaneity in Cities (with 8 contributors from different disciplines and cities in Europe 2017)
Urban transformation as Event (with 30 contributors from different disciplines and cities in Europe 2018)
Evidence of the Absent (public events, round tables, interviews and invited guests 2019)
Space in-between (round table during LFA 2020)