Sound of Transformation

Sound of Transformation
Can we make the prospective transformation more experienceable through sound?

During the residency in 2019 we invited different guests from various disciplines to expand our research project ‘Evidence of the Absent’ through their specific approach. London based dancer Emma Hoette and Zürich based musicians Ramon Landolt and David Meier were invited to join us on-site and physically experience a ‘Baugespann’.

Thin aluminium poles are used to mark a future development on-site, in-between, next to and on top of the current present buildings. This almost invisible outine of the future development leaves space to imagine its volume, edges, density, transparency. It counts on us and our imagination to complete the image. How to experience what is invisible? How can we use other disciplines and formats, such as movement and sound, to better understand the scale 1:1 on-site? Can we make the prospective transformation more experienceable?

David and Ramon created a sound installation piece, based on site-specific field recordings. They performed the piece ‘Void’ in the gallery during on of the events we organised and included it on their new album ‘Territory’ that will launch in January 2022. 

The composition, rather than finding analogies between architecture and music, seeks ways to express the imagined unfolding changes of the sound relations specific to the site. Structured in three parts – memory & origin, reality & action, shape & void – the piece references the different perceptions of time and their implications related to architecture.

“Void is about the imagined sound of transformation, it is an urbanisation of the sound. What hasn’t materialised yet might be indivated and imagined through a sensation generated by the field recordings. Since the mental image of something is not present to all the senses it can’t be fully perceived in reality. The field recording becoming music creates an ephemeral state where imagination becomes perspectible through sound.”
Ramon Landolt & David Meier

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Ramon Landolt, David Meier

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