Self-initiated research project 
Exhibited at London Festival of Architecture 2020


How can architecture mediate between present and future and what is the potential of this space in-between? Space in-between examined the use of life-size architectural simulations as tools for public debate and architectural design. With this exhibition and round table, that followed up the research project EVIDENCE OF THE ABSENT, we focussed on the importance of physical experience and imagination in architecture.

In Switzerland it is mandatory to inform citizens about building plans. Therefore, life-size architectural simulations such as mock-ups and ‘Baugespann’ are placed on-site, within the (real) context of the city. Even though these simulations have a concrete, material presence, they are necessarily also abstractions, fragmentary representations that depict only one particular aspect of a future building. In fact, they visualise the invisible; what is hidden, is present due to its absence.

On the one hand the future becomes tangible within the present and thus can be related to it, on the other hand, the incomplete form of the simulations relies on our imagination and specific physical experience to be completed. This generates a more ambiguous space of potentiality within the borderlands between present and future, in which we can recognise and create multiple interpretations of a future building and imagine its impact within the existing environment. We call this new experiential dimension of architecture the space in-between.

Through an interdisciplinary research in which physical experience and imagination interacted, we searched for new ways of reading and understanding architecture in relation to its present and future context, by means of on-site explorations with performative artists, drawings, collages and models.

- an urban scenography
in-between representation and actuality

- the desire of the model
in-between instrument, fragment and temporary sculpture

- baugespann and mock-up
in-between visible and invisible, partially present on-site

- on-site explorations
in-between experience, perception and imagination

- actions
in-between performance and architecturenew tools for architectural design by merging elements, characteristics and actions

- new modes for public engagement
a room for critical thinking and dialogue


The image of promises 2017 
Simultaneity in cities 2017
Urban transformation as event2018
Evidence of the absent 2019

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