In-between representation and actuality.

These real-size simulations are, for a temporary moment, part of the urban landscape of our cities, as ‘surrogate buildings’ that fade the border between representation and actuality.

We observed this new urban phenomenon in various cities in Europe. Why are suddenly most of the cities in Europe using these printed devices to cover up construction sites? Why is it so important to represent the buildings that they cover? To whom is this addressed? How do these replicas change the perception of the surrounding for this period of time?

Infinite types are to be found, from hyperreal representations to abstract ones. The imprint method of the wrapped facade has unlimited formats, from drawings to photorealistic renders. The fact that they are real-scale copies of the existing facade that they cover made us call them replicas. Replicas of an existing building that remains covered and invisible for a certain amount of time. Yet, in the same moment they temporarily add new layer of information to the city, to our public space, of sponsorship, advertisement, ... What is being communicated, and why? Seemingly literal temporary replacements, these replicas don’t only replace, but communicate, and reveal - maybe unintentionally - more about what is behind the transformation of our cities.  

During the residency in 2019 we conducted a series on interviews on this topic, together with invited architect and scholar Elletra Carnelli. 

Research (self-initiated)
On-site explorations


Invited guest
Elletra Carnelli 

One-year residency Kulturfolger Zürich 2019 (Event 7/8)

Kulturfolger Zürich 2019