On-site Explorations

On-site Explorations
On-site explorations are about physical experience in the scale 1:1, about sensory experience and about the contextual experience of the (visible and invisible) layers of past, present and future.

The real scale 1:1 allows for a more real-time and in the moment experience of the give information and at the same time, offers space for improvisation and interpretation.

Keywords: scale 1:1, actions, performative architecture, performative formats, drawings on-site, context, autonomous, abstraction, interpretation, improvisation.
On-site explorations is a research method we have been developping since 2018

As part of Along the Line

As part of ‘Evidence of the Absent’: 
- Action I: Cut Add Play
- Action II: Marking Transformation
- Action III: The Sound of Transformation
- Action IV: Drawings on-site
- Action V: Imagine the Volume

- With students during IDW20 in Antwerpen Luchtbal

- With students during IDW21 in Antwerpen Luchtbal
- With residents in Aigle