Kitchen and Bar Tandoor 16 / Marseille

Kitchen and Bar
Tandoor 16 / Marseille
Transformation of the ground floor, first floor and facade of a residential house (used as office) in the center of Rotterdam, into a kitchen and bar. 

The interior had been adapted in the past to match the various functions it served; this resulted in a space with many layers of overlapping material, a half floor had been placed, the space was divided into smaller divisions, the ceiling had been lowered and the facade partially closed. Therefore we considered our main task to bring the space to it's full potential, removing the layers, opening it up inside as well as the facade.

Nearly all elements have been (site-)specifically designed and (locally) built out of sustainable, local and re-used materials, even though there was a small budget: the balustrade, the bar, the long bench with upholstery, the tables, the new dividing wall between the kitchen, toilets and restaurant, the wine cabinet. The vivid colors are executed with steel menie, sustaibable chalk paint and kurkuma. Disruption and irregularity of rythm is a reoccuring topic within the elements.

In commissions for the transformation of an existing building, we consider physical and historical contextual research as important components of the process of creating a suitable (site-specific) proposal.

We test out possibilities on-site and establish a dialogue with the clients, former and future users and makers. We seek for interventions that result in light and comfortable spaces and that incorporate something unexpected. We endeavour to only work with sustainable, local and reused materials and with local craftsmen.

K. de Leeuw, DJ. Wooldrik

Rotterdam, Netherlands


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