rotative studio

rotative studio is a collaboration between architects Alexandra Sonnemans and Caterina Viguera, based respectively in Rotterdam and Zürich.

Through the use of a variety of formats, we aim to expand the notion of architecture, the built environment and public space. At the same time, we reconnect abstract ideas and experimental forms to concrete projects.

The movement that is referred to in the name of our studio and which is firmly embedded within our architectural practice, refers to this continuous interaction between an exploratory context and site-specific situations. 

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∘ expanding our notion of architecture,
the built environment and public space in
an experimental and explorative context,
through various formats ∘

∘ initiating experimental research projects to expand the current boundaries of architecture, while emphasising contemporary (urban) phenomena ∘

forging another consciousness about the relationship between architecture and production, consumption, transformation, materiality and (in)equality ∘

∘ we focus foremost on the palimpsest of past, present and future and (contextual) changes in value, meaning and form ∘

∘ engaging emerging and distinct voices from multidisciplinary groups to bring different levels of abstraction, other approaches and focus ∘

∘ maximizing architecture’s exposure to the society it is thought for and to stimulate the public interest, to ask questions, to raise awareness and build communities ∘

∘ contributing to a new reflection on the role of the architect, by proposing multifaceted
ways of practicing architecture and
architecture research today ∘

to apply experimental attitudes and collaborative strategies, in order to invent new tools and alternative methods outside of traditional design practice

 content & method 


2017 - ongoing

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Accidental Aesthetics
2018 - ongoing

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2018 - ongoing

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2020 - ongoing

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reconnecting abstract ideas and
experimental forms to concrete projects,
such as pavilions, urban installations,
objects and interiors



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