rotative studio

rotative studio is a collaboration between architects Alexandra Sonnemans and Caterina Viguera, based respectively in Rotterdam and Zürich.

Through the use of a variety of formats, we aim to expand the notion of architecture, the built environment and public space. At the same time, we reconnect abstract ideas and experimental forms to concrete projects.

The movement that is referred to in the name of our studio and which is firmly embedded within our architectural practice, refers to this continuous interaction between an exploratory context and site-specific situations. 


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Space in-between
online exhibition 
June 19 - 20
LFADigital 2020

Online exhibition at the London Festival of Architecture! ‘Space in-between’ examines the use of life-size architectural simulations as tools for public debate and architectural design. It focusses on the importance of physical experience and imagination in architecture.

Evidence of the absent
one-year residency
Kulturfolger gallery Zürich

Throughout the year 2019 we had been invited by Kulturfolger Gallery in Zürich to develop our research project ‘Evidence of the Absent’ in a one-year residency. Through eight pubilc events that combined exhibitions, installations, round tables and performances, we shared the development of our research with a curious and engaged audience. read more

Urban transformation as event
online project - dialogues

In 2018 we invited over thirty people from different disciplines and cities to participate in an experimental interactive research project. As a result of their contributions to our brief, we established various dialogues, e.g. duos and collectives of corresponding or contradicting approaches. read more

Simultaneity in cities dialogues

In 2017 we invited eight people from different cities and disciplines, such as graphic design, social anthropology and philosophy, for a dialogue about places that don’t reveal where they are. read more

The image of promises
on-site explorations

As much as words and images on billboards reveal dreams and grand visions, as an image of promises within the urban domain, its semi-utopian picture often contradicts the local, historically grown logic of a specific place. How do promise and present converge? read more

Choreography of perspectives
site-specific installation
de Aanschouw gallery Rotterdam

The seven-day transformative installation offered new perspectives to experience the relationship between the enclosed space of De Aanschouw and its immediate and perpetually transforming surroundings. read more

Visually walking towards
site-specific installation
Architecture Week Barcelona

Installation at the perimetrical gallery (pati de guàrdies) of the former prison La Model. Unfolding the 700m long corridor, extending it to the city, opening to its residents. read more

Common passage 
open call entry
Het Nieuwe Instituut, the Spanish pavilion and Belgian pavilion for the 16th Venice Biennale

The proposal of a perimetral table argues that borders are never mere lines, but rather spatial situations that, by their nature imply interaction, rather than division. read more

Journey of Materials

 read more


read more

Accidental Aesthetics

read more
architecture concretise

Two pavilions
public commission 
Place du Marché Aigle

For the municipality of Aigle we are working on two modular pavilions on the town’s central square, the Place du Marché. This square will undergo a transformation during the next years, to become more green, pedestrian friendly and prominent for the city. The pavilions perform as the first gesture that embodies these ambitions. read more

TD16 Kitchen & Bar
private commission

Transformation of a residential house in the center of Rotterdam into a restaurant with India-inspired street food. read more

St. Pere Mitjà
private commission

Transformation of the ground and first floor of a 19th century house. read more

private commission

Interior adaptation. Currently under construction. read more

Pavilion la Dérivée
private commission
2017 - 2019

For the cultural summer festival La Dérivée, we designed a circular and modular wooden pavilion of 26m diameter, that can be built (assembled and disassembled) by the community. It has already been used and reused for three summers in a row. read more

L’eau à la rencontre de la ville
self-initiated, sponsored by Service de la Culture

"Water meets the city" was a temporary urban installation and public cultural program along the former water’s edge of the Neuchâtel, on the occasion of the 150 years of the Jura water correction. read more

Transformative table

Exploring objects as shapers of space, we designed this modular table in four pieces that can be assembled in various ways. The table has been used for exhibitions, round tables and open studios. read more

feasability study 

For a private client in Amsterdam, we created a series of plans and scenarios to open up new perspectives on possible interior transformations. read more