Drawings on-site

Drawings on-site
Action: ‘Drawings on-site’ is a collection of interpretations in the form of drawings, collages and walking maps. They are a reaction to the ambiguity that results when life-size architectural representations such as a ‘Baugespann’ are placed on-site. These architectural ‘suggestions’ have a concrete, material presences, but they are necessarily also abstractions, fragmentary representations that only depict one particular aspect of a future building. A tension emerges. One the hand the future becomes tangible within the present, and thus can be related to it, on the other hand, the incomplete form of the simulations relies on our imagination and specific physical experience to be completed. This generates a more ambigious space of potentiality within the borderlands between present and future.

The interpretations are based on abstractions in different categories: lines, surfaces, shadows, colors and volumes. Abstraction allows us to focus on specific aspects, such as rhythm, composition and proportion. Connecting, coinciding and colliding were the actions and criteria that we used to establish new relationships between the projective object and the existing object, between present and future. The second set of interpretations is developed without taking the existing context into account. Having no longer a connection to the original site, we could more freely explore concepts of completing, extending, compressing, cutting and adding. 

On-site Explorations

On-site explorations are about physical experience in the scale 1:1, about sensory experience and about the contextual experience of the (visible and invisible) layers of past, present and future.

The real scale 1:1 allows for a more real-time and in the moment experience of the give information and at the same time, offers space for improvisation and interpretation. 

Keywords: scale 1:1, actions, performative architecture, performative formats, drawings on-site, context, autonomous, abstraction, interpretation, improvisation.
Drawings on-site is part of

Reflections & reactions on urban transformation

Self-initiated research on the suggestion of space, architectural representation on-site, the scale 1:1 and the role of physical experience and imagination in architecture.

On-site Exploration, Drawing


Drawings on-site, presented at Volumes Zürich (2019)
Space in-between (2020)

One-year residency Kulturfolger Zürich 2019 

Kulturfolger Zürich (2019)
London Festival of Architecture (2020)
New Generations Festival 2020-(2023)