Choreography of Perspectives

Choreography of Perspectives
The exhibition was a seven-day transformative installation. It offered new perspectives to experience the relationship between the enclosed space of ‘De Aanschouw’ and its immediate and perpetually transforming surroundings: the interior of De Schouw café, the street of Witte de With and the Rotterdam city center as a whole.

With this installation, we staged a choreography with three elements over the course of one week. It is a constant play of three one-way mirror panels changing positions. In their measurements, the panels fit the dimensions of the box. Changing positions every day, the installation offers a dialogue between passers-by, visitors of the café, their reflections and their surroundings. It displays unexpected combinations and reveals the interchangeable roles between elements on the inside and out.

The use of one-side mirror glass was very common in the facades of office buildings from the 60’s and 70’s. The ongoing transformation of the city of Rotterdam is reversing the strict boundary between inside and outside. An example is the replacement of mirrored glass by transparent windows. It raises questions about feelings of inclusion and exclusion and the voyeuristic components of design in the built environment.
Site-specific installation

Gallery De Aanschouw, Rotterdam


rotative studio

Alexandra Sonnemans, Caterina Viguera

Catja Edens

Production assistance
Niek Mager