Path of Play


Path of Play – 
International Design Workshop ‘React by Design: Commons’ 2022
We are looking forward to participate as tutors in the IDW Antwerp for the third year in a row!

Path of Play is a sequence of interactive elementary structures that pop up in Antwerpen Luchtbal. Introducing play as a form of design – as a new way of experiencing and imagining space through interaction, improvisation and suggestion – participants are invited to establish a dialogue with the existing context to uncover new potential places.

Participants will start by selecting specific open public spaces and create and install five distinct structures.
  • These interactive structures are tactile, transformable artefacts (metal tubes and strings) that are meant to be touched, stretched and twisted into various geometrical figures, suggesting space through minimal means.
  • They act as anthropomorphic elements that mediate between body and space, with the body as the unit of measure and as a tool to modify and create spaces (and confer significance).
  • Their adaptability allows participants to generate new places, infusing them with personal and cultural values, creating new common meaning.

Playing with the structures in the susceptible moment of the meantime, can foster reconstructions of space from primary notions such as the topological relationships of proximity, separation, order, enclosure, as well as open up a dialogue on cultural and historical continuity.

By the end of the week, Path of Play will be handed over to the community as a large-scale ‘drawing of potentiality’, resulting from all the interactions.

Coming up 2022!

Education, on-site Workshop

Faculty of Design Sciences (UAntwerp) and Royal Academy of Fine Arts (AP College)

Antwerp, Belgium 

rotative studio

Alexandra Sonnemans, Caterina Viguera