Architectural Positions 

Architectural Positions – Practices
TU Delft Msc1 Architectural
Fall 2021
We proposed one case of study in Rotterdam, a currently vacant plot within the area of M4H. Our assignment was for the students to create an alternative set of guidelines for development. Students had to form a critical position on how to develop (or not to develop) the site and define its potential through a range of explorative research methods, each with the focus on another topic.

The result is a collection of six different positions on how to approach a process of design of this specific site, opening up a range of new perspectives, departing from both contemporary urgencies and personal fascinations - and always site-specific factors.

For the final session of the Seminar we set up a playful round table to forge a dynamic exchange between the different positions, exploring contradictions and parallels. The round table invades the entire space of the class, students and outputs are placed equidistant; movement, change of position is required in order to think in a critical, intuitive and creative way.


TU Delft

Delft, Holland 


rotative studio

Alexandra Sonnemans, Caterina Viguera

rotative studio

Workshop students:
Xam Adan, Reem Al-Muraikhi,
Johannes Bohn, Deying
Chen, Yeonghwa Choe, Hidde
Dijkstra, Bram van Eersel, Taha
El Barazi, Emir Erolsun, Elodie Fabre, Louisa Hollander, Szu-Yin Huang, Ananda Jaganathan, Cristina Terricabras Jove, Rutge Kok, Max Lieser, Tom Oskam, Seraphima Papademetri, Kamil
Parzychowski, Wiktoria Paszek,
Marinde Reijman, Christin Sarra, Pim Smit, Panagiotis Varoutsos, Philomena Vida