Architectural Positions 

Architectural Positions – Practices
TU Delft Msc1 Architectural
Fall 2021
For the semester course ‘Architectural Positions - Practices’, we proposed a case study in Rotterdam, a currently vacant plot within the area of M4H. Our assignment for the students was to create an alternative set of guidelines for development, to imagine an entirely different development for this area, one that is not market-driven, but that answers to local, national and even global questions, and that carefully considers the site-specific conditions.

Students had to form a critical position on how to develop, or not to develop, the site and define its potential through a range of explorative research methods, each with the focus on another topic.

The result is a collection of six different positions on how to approach a process of design of this specific site, opening up a range of new perspectives – departing from both contemporary urgencies and personal fascinations, and always site-specific factors – such as a new scale, not based on humans, but on other life forms. 

For the final session of the Seminar we set up a playful round table to forge a dynamic exchange between the different positions, exploring contradictions and parallels. The round table invades the entire space of the class, students and outputs are placed equidistant; movement, change of position is required in order to think in a critical, intuitive and creative way.

A booklet that includes an introduction, the six positions and  conclusions by the students has been produced and presented at the final presentation. 


TU Delft

Delft, Holland 


rotative studio

Alexandra Sonnemans, Caterina Viguera

rotative studio 

Xam Adan, Reem Al-Muraikhi, Johannes Bohn, Deying
Chen, Yeonghwa Choe, Hidde Dijkstra, Bram van Eersel, Taha El Barazi, Emir Erolsun, Elodie Fabre, Louisa Hollander, Szu-Yin Huang, Ananda Jaganathan, Cristina Terricabras Jove, Rutge Kok, Max Lieser, Tom Oskam, Seraphima Papademetri, Kamil Parzychowski, Wiktoria Paszek, Marinde Reijman, Christin Sarra, Pim Smit, Panagiotis Varoutsos, Philomena Vida

Moderation Round Table
Reem Al-Muraikhi

Summary, Transcripts Round Table
Taha El Barazi

Editors Booklet 
Ananda Jaganathan, Panos Varoutsos, Philomena Vida 

Cover Design Round Table
Yeonghwa Choe