A Common Passage

A Common Passage
A Common Passage was a proposal to understand the pavilions in the Giardini Venice as part of a common space.

The proposal of a perimetral table argues that borders are never mere lines, but rather spatial situations that, by their nature imply interaction, rather than division.  A long line of tables is conceived as an extrusion of the given perimeter[1], marked by an invisible line, defining the space alongside and between the Spanish, Belgian and Dutch pavilions. The result is a new spatial scenario, a place for encounters, discussions and knowledge exchange that at the same time neutralizes the importance of the individual existing doors for each of the pavilions, making them part of a common scenario, rather than considering them as solitary entities.

The new collective space supported by the line of tables could be considered as a prototype to be applied to other pavilions, which could be the first stage of questioning the concept of national pavilion exhibitions altogether.

[1] perimeter
1. the continuous line forming the boundary of a closed geometrical figure.
synonyms: circumference, outside, outer edge, the outermost parts or boundary of an area or object.
synonyms: boundary, border, frontier, limits, outer limits, bounds, confines, edge, margin, fringe(s), periphery, borderline, verge
antonyms: centre, middle, heart
2. an instrument for measuring the extent and characteristics of a person‘s field of vision.
Site-specific installation

Open Call - organised by HNI, the Spanish Pavilion and the Belgian Pavilion for the 16th Venice Architecture Biennale

Hannes Rutenfranz, Pavle Stamenovic